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Taking A Look At The Common Painting Mistakes

Taking A Look At The Common Painting Mistakes

Even if you have been painting for years it’s common to make painting mistakes. Here are a few of the common painting mistakes and how to fix them:

Paint drips

Paint drips come about due to poor painting techniques. According to painting contractors, drips result when you overload the painting brush during paint application. While they might look scaring, you shouldn’t worry as they are easy to remove. You should wipe off the splatters immediately to prevent them from drying on the surface. If there are some drips that have already started drying, sand them until the surface gets smooth. You should then clean the surface with a damp piece of cloth and repair if necessary.

Stains on the painting surface

Stains on the painting surface come about due to smoke damage. It’s also common to have stains if you don’t properly prime the surface before painting. To hide the stain you should thoroughly clean the surface using TSP and then allow the surface to dry completely. After doing it apply a stain blocker or oil-based undercoat over the stain. Allow the stain blocker to dry and then recoat the surface with a spare topcoat.

Paint color getting too bright

If you have been painting for sometime I’m sure you have come across this problem where the paint color is too bright than you wanted. There are two ways you can fix this problem: If you haven’t finished painting the house you should ask the store to tint it darker. If you have already finished painting and are out of paint, local painting contractors recommend that you glaze the surface.

In most cases, the paint color on the walls is different from that on the ceiling. If you apply paint on the ceiling you should remove it immediately.

These are the common painting mistakes and how to fix them. To avoid making the mistakes, hire professional painters to help you with the work. While they will cost you, the cost is worth it.

Guide On How To Professionally Paint Your House

Even if you have spent millions of dollars constructing the house, the house won’t have a great appeal if you don’t paint it properly. Professional painting, on the other hand, transforms your cheap house into an elegant piece of work. To help you out, here are professional tips recommended by house painting contractors on how to give your house a great finish.

Invest in high-quality painting tools

Just like in every other area in life, you can’t expect much from cheap products. For you to professional paint your house, you need to invest in high-quality painting brushes, roller covers, painting tapes and any other tools that you need. Good painting brushes and roller covers provide you with excellent coverage thus saving you the trouble of re-applying the paint every now and then. High-quality painter’s tape, on the other hand, seals out the drips and blurs thus ensuring that paint doesn’t get on the unwanted areas.

Use a painting bucket instead of tray

If you are painting a large area where you use a gallon or more of paint, you should avoid using a tray. Use a bucket instead. In addition to allowing you to load the roller more quickly, using a bucket also eliminates the need for you to keeping on stopping to refill the tray while you are at the middle of painting. Just like in the other painting tools, ensure that the bucket you use is of high quality.

Cleaning after painting is usually a major problem to many people. To make your cleaning work easy, painting contractors recommend that you line your bucket with plastic or garbage bag. If you are painting a small area thus using a painting tray, line it with aluminum foil. Once you are done with painting all you need to do is pull the foil out and you will be left with a clean tray.

Follow a painting process

House painting contractors recommend that you paint from the top to bottom. In addition to this, you should also follow the popular painting process. Start painting from the ceiling, then move to the walls, trim, cabinets, and doors.


These are tips on how to properly and professionally paint your house. While you can give your house a professional look by yourself, you should consider hiring professional painters to do the work if you don’t have enough time or you aren’t confident with your painting skills.

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