The Best Road Trips for the Best Travel of Your Life

The Best Road Trips for the Best Travel of Your Life

If you love to travel, you surely know how road trips are sometimes the most exciting part of the entire experience itself. Choose from the following majestic routes perfect for day travels and week-long journeys.

South Africa’s The Garden Route

The coastal plain sandwiched between Storms River Mouth and Mossel Bay is a slender and lush stretch that perfectly creates a beautiful and easy introduction to the lands of South Africa. On one side, you will see vineyards and mountains while sandy beaches and rocky shores span the other side. The most dramatic peak of the coast is at Storms River Mouth. You can stop your drive for a while to walk down the trails as the surf pounds on the rocks below.

Canada’s Cabot Trail

Cabot Trail is a road that spans at 298 kilometers, traversing Cape Breton Island. Without a doubt, this is one of the best highlights of Nova Scotia. The northern section is the best part of the trail as it will take you through the stunning Cape Breton Highlands National Park that serves as the home to black bears, moose, and bald eagles. A leisurely pace is required so that you can explore all the quaint tiny villages where you can see obvious influences of the Scottish and French cultures.

The USA’s San Juan Skyway

The drive through the scenic San Juan Range in Colorado is 380 kilometers that will take you past bright wildflowers during summer, sparkling waterfalls and streams in spring, and snowy slopes during winter. But, this amazing route reaches it most spectacular once autumn kicks in as the landscape fires up with leaves in reds, oranges, and yellows. This is also among the many reasons why Colorado is considered as one of the USA’s most gorgeous states.

The USA’s Colombia River Gorge

Interstate-84 on the east outside Portland, Oregon winds its way right next to the panoramic Colombia River Gorge. Although it is only 112 kilometers that you can easily cover in a day, taking the trip for a few days will let you enjoy the place to the fullest so you can use your time to absorb the views of the second longest river in the USA and all of its numerous picturesque waterfalls.

New Zealand’s South Island Circuit

The South Island serves as the home to the most remarkable landscape of New Zealand and when you drive around it at your leisurely pace, you can bask in the different vistas and occasionally stop for a quick adrenalin fix Milford Sound and Te Anau are no doubt the drive’s most stunning part that crosses a part of the Southern Alps and the serene Fiordland.

Mongolia’s Gobi Desert

Fill your heart with as much off-road experience as you like as you drive through Gobi Desert where nothingness spans for many kilometers, enough to make you feel like it wouldn’t come to an end. This region is remote in every sense with rugged beauty. if the drive tires you out, you can even ride a camel to explore the traditional Ger camp and spend the night there.

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